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Forza d'Agrò paese medievale a due passi da Taormina e l'Etna. Ricco d'arte, storia e cultura, panorami mozzafiato. Famoso per aver accolto i cast di moltissimi film tra i quali Il Padrino parte I, Parte II e Parte III che hanno conseguito 27 nominations e 9 Oscar

 Forza d'Agrò paese medievale a due passi da Taormina e l'Etna. Ricco di arte, storia e cultura, panorami mozzafiato. Famoso per aver accolto i cast di molti film.

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Have a Good Holiday


For those wishing for a quiet and tranquil holiday with healthy food but active, Forza D'Agrò is the ideal village. This village is ideal for its culture, its strategic position, its climate at any time of the year, all to the tourists' requirements. In the winter evenings it is damp but not cold the village acquires a surrealistic aspect, with its deserted streets illuminated by the street lamps and the bar insignas. In the spring there are flowers in the meadows and you can smell their scent in the air. Even if Etna is not yet active, the climate is mild enough to go for long walks. In the autumn one can smell the must ( grapejuice before fermentation) while walking along the antique lanes. In the summer the Sicilian hot sum radiates the clear blue sky as if to celebrate the antique beauty of the valley which degrade towards the sea where one can sunbathe until golden brown.

Fowls, fish and meat (sheep, cattle, pork) are part of the second course - rabbit cooked in bitter-sweet, the Messinese meat balls, roast sausages, sardines and many other fish dishes, not forgetting the traditional tomato sauce with maccheroni. All these delicious dishes are ready to satisfy anybody's appetite. Seasoned whith the local olive oil and served with the local red wine, the tradtional horsd'oeuvre and side dishes of fresh greens, aubergines, pickled peppers, black and white olives and dried tomatoes. And for a light refreshmet a lemon granita (a grated ice drink) is expertly prepared by the local barman.

Translation by  Maria Nirelli

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