Forza d'Agrò paese medievale a due passi da Taormina e l'Etna. Ricco d'arte, storia e cultura, panorami mozzafiato. Famoso per aver accolto i cast di moltissimi film tra i quali Il Padrino parte I, Parte II e Parte III che hanno conseguito 27 nominations e 9 Oscar

 Forza d'Agrò paese medievale a due passi da Taormina e l'Etna. Ricco di arte, storia e cultura, panorami mozzafiato. Famoso per aver accolto i cast di molti film.

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"Living Crib, in the streets of the Old Medieval
Quarter at the foot of the Castle".

Forza D'Agrò, as a small village rich in ancient traditions, is the ideal place to celebrate the most ancient "event" of the world: the Birth of Jesus Christ. And so, the young people of the village, assisted by the adults, wanted to present this thousand year old event in the most ancient and fascinating corner of Forza D'Agrò: the "Quartarello" quarter, an old medieval area dating back to the 14th Century, situated at the foot of the Norman castle. The natural landscape setting in itself is a great attraction for visitors who are completely surrounded by the surreal environment and almost become an integral part of the Holy Crib. The narrow and ancient streets are illuminated by fires and filled with the pleasant scent of incense that blends with smells of the new and excellent local wine. Through the air circulate sounds and voices coming from various "workshops" where ancient crafts are practised. Visitors may see the ancient crafts at work, brought back to life by the various "shopkeepers" with fresh, hot bread flavoured with olive oil and pepper produced in the surrounding countryside, with hot "crispelle" and excellent local wine. Other crafts to see include the iron-working, the traditional and careful production of cheeses and ricotta, the old-fashioned method of washing clothes using water and ashes, the hard work carried out by the women millers and all the other trades (carpenter, shoemaker, cooper, fishmonger, grocer, baker, innkeeper etc...). It takes almost two months to prepare the Holy Crib with attention given to the smallest details, thanks also to older villagers who provide antique objects and tools. A highlight of the presentation is the spectacular shooting star that guides visitors to the Holy Crib as it guided the Magi during the night two thousand years ago. The commitment and work of the young people has been duly rewarded by the attendance of many visitors. The performance is usually held on Boxing Day and for Epiphany.

Text M. Verzino E. Di Cara


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Maria e Giuseppe nella grotta Giuseppe e Maria nella grotta I Ragazzi del Presepe Betlemme...a Forza d'Agrò Bottaio
Lavandaie Centurioni Romani Lavoratrice Fuso Squarcio del borgo medievale "Quartarello"
Re magio Re Magi

Giuseppe e Maria in cerca di dimora

Ovile del pecoraio

Centurioni Ovile del pecoraio Calzolaio e Famiglia Fruttivendole

Translation by  Connie Badolato

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